Thursday, January 15, 2009

Science in Action!

On Wednesday, January 14th, the boys from Zoo-Mates and their mentors worked together on a set of science experiments. We were busy making slime, observing chemical interactions, and playing with static electricity. The day was a huge success and a lot of fun! We also learned a little bit about science!

The Salt Volcano experiment was very popular! What happens if you mix oil, water, food coloring, and salt?

It turns out that the salt volcano works just like a lava lamp! They're really fun to watch!

Next we worked with balloons and static electricity. We collected the static electricity by rubbing the balloons on our hair!

Once the balloons were charged, we used them to move cans, stick to our faces, and bend water!

The most popular activity of the day was the Balloon Blow-Up. We combined vinegar and baking soda to expand balloons. It was very exciting!

When the amounts of vinegar and baking soda are changed, the balloons expand to different sizes!

The chromatography experiment was tricky. Did you know that black ink is made up of all different colors? We watched the colors separate as water spread up the paper towels.

Each black marker left a unique pattern.

Finally, we were so excited to make homemade slime! When we followed the directions carefully, we got a goopy, sticky, fantastic blob to play with! Green was definitely the most popular color for our slime.

It was a great day to use our brains, cooperate with our partners, and get our hands just a bit messy!