Friday, March 13, 2009

Zoo-Mates goes to the Art Museum!

This week the Zoo-Mates mentors and mentees visited the Cincinnati Art Museum!

We saw famous portraits, detailed sculptures, Monet and Van Gogh and Chagall, and we learned a lot in the process!

Did you know Claude Monet once fell off a cliff and had to be rescued when he was painting scenes like this?

The docent showed us an X-ray of the body of the mummy inside this sarcophagus. It was really old and cool and kinda gross!

We're pointing out all of the fruit we see in this painting of a marketplace.

What did Benjamin Franklin invent?

How does an artist capture so much emotion and action in a heavy bronze sculpture?!

We were able to put art into action as we worked together to spin the Calder mobile!

After we toured the museum and saw all of the beautiful and interesting works of art, it was our turn to be the artists! We worked on painting canvas banners with images of our favorite art from the museum. The mentors painted one half of the banner and the mentees painted the other half. There were many creative collaborations!


Catching up.