Friday, November 12, 2010

Zoo-Mates 2010-2011

Hello there Zoo-Mates Fans!

Welcome to Zoo-Mates 2010-2011!

The first event was a mentor training, held October 13th at the Cincinnati Zoo in the Leaf Cutter Ant and Dart Frog rooms of the Education Center. New Zoo-Mates mentors got a chance to hear from David Rosenthal about the exciting digital photography project the Zoo-Mates will be working on throughout the year. The photo project is part of Prairie and will give mentors and their Zoo-Mates a way to connect through the creative process.

Zoo-Mates also got to go on a thought experiment lead by Pat Reiber of the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, who also informed mentors of the possibility of continuing their relationship with their Zoo-Mate after the program year has concluded.

Then it was on to everyone favorite Ice Breakers, during which Zoo-Mates mentors got a chance to get to know one another, and practice one of the key aspects of Zoo-Mates: having fun!

Mentors were introduced to the issues surrounding homelessness, and children experiencing homelessness by Project Connect. They then were able to interactively explore their own understanding of homelessness, and work together to figure out what talents and assets they brought to the program to make a positive impact on Zoo-Mates.

Finally, mentors learned best practices, and returning Zoo-Mates shared their insights from past experience working with children through the program.

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